c’est la vie

Two years ago my mother in law gave me a shirt. I didn’t like it that much at first … it was just a shirt. But last summer somehow it became my favorite shirt. I would wear it two, three times a week if I thought I could get by without anyone noticing. That’s how much I liked this shirt. This year I’ve noticed I am not really so keen on the shirt. I put it on this morning – it was the first thing I grabbed – and suddenly I decided “I don’t really like this shirt anymore.” Which is silly because, you know, a shirt is a shirt. And I loved this shirt before, why not now? I tried to wear it. But after about 15 minutes the shirt was irritating me and I took it off and hung it back in my closet and put on another shirt. I probably won’t wear the shirt again. I’ll wait for a spark to rekindle my passion for that shirt. I may try it on a few more times and try to make it work but I just won’t feel comfortable. I’ll realize that I am just not able to pull it off anymore. I will inevitably eventually sell it in a yard sale or throw it in a box for Goodwill.

That’s where I am with blogging. It fit like a glove last year and the year before but now, for whatever reason, not so much.

Eh, c’est la vie … another chapter closes, another blog bites the dust.


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